Roman Cosmetics

Want to know the beauty secrets of Roman women? Read on for the notes from my research paper on Roman Cosmetics.   In order to recover aspects of the lives of historical women I have looked to sources on their dress and mannerisms. Most recently I have found information on their beauty products that gives … More Roman Cosmetics

Galenus Cold Cream or Greco-Roman Ceratum Galeni

Galen of Pergamon (Aelius Galenus, Claudius Galenus, or Anglicized at Galen), a Roman physician and philosopher in 2nd century C.E., pulled from the earlier medical knowledge of Hippocrates, traveled the Mediterranean studying and practicing medicine, and wrote medical treatises that remain among the top references for classical medicine. Galen set the stage for a system … More Galenus Cold Cream or Greco-Roman Ceratum Galeni

Cosmetics in Egypt

I know that Egypt is a far cry from Italy 🙂 but in an endeavor to understand medieval and renaissance cosmetics I feel the best place to start is the beginning. Of course, Egyptian civilization isn’t the absolute beginning of cosmetic use, but for this research endeavor it makes a good starting point as they … More Cosmetics in Egypt

Isabella d’Este

Isabella d’Este She’s one of the women of history that few remember today, but she was well-known in her time and is worth remembering for her contributions to Renaissance history and the insights we can learn from her unusual position and role. Isabella d’Este supported artists, writers, poets and musicians of the Italian Renaissance, collecting … More Isabella d’Este