Alchemy in Renaissance Italy

Only a few women alchemists from Renaissance Europe are known, primarily due to their printed works from Venice. Of all these, Isabella Cortese is the most popular. Her book, I Secreti della Signora Isabella Cortese,  had several printings and spread further than her contemporaries Floriana Channel (author of a treatise on exorcisms and incantations), or Marie Meurdrac’s … More Alchemy in Renaissance Italy

The Renaissance Home in Italy

In the years between 1400 and 1600 Italians became the most extravagant builders in Europe. Wealthy citizens commissioned magnificent palaces, and displayed their gentility and education through splendid possessions. Many of these objects were novelties. Some, such as glass mirrors and printed books, are familiar to us today. Others, like birth trays, relate to beliefs … More The Renaissance Home in Italy

16th Century Handwash

I posted before about the Book of Secrets written by Isabella Cortese. This is my redaction of one of the beauty recipes found within that book. My Materials                                      Renaissance Materials 1 cup Organic Lemon Juice               Lemon Juice 1 cup Homemade Rosewater            Perfumed Water Skins from 1 cup Almonds                Powdered Almond Skins   I do not know what … More 16th Century Handwash